Pomorie, or Ancient Anchiallo, is a picturesque Black Sea town, charming with its unpretentious and romantic atmosphere, with unrivalled natural resources and favourable climate, renowned for the therapeutic effects of the mud of the Salty Lake of Pomorie and the aromatic wines made in the region. Located on the eponymous narrow rocky peninsula jutting out 3.5 km in the Black Sea, it is only 8 km away from the airport of Burgas, and 20 km away from the city of Burgas, at 100 km from the airport of Varna, and 19 km south of Sunny Beach holiday resort. Pomorie is the third largest town along the Bulgarian Black Sea shores, after Varna and Burgas. The beach is around 5 km long, with average width of 30 m. It is covered in dark sand and therefore absorbs a large part of the sunrays. The shade of its colour is due to the higher content of iron and manganese. In recent times Pomorie has turned into an important destination for year-round therapeutic, SPA and wellness tourism. The estuary mud that the town is so well known for has been used for therapy and recovery throughout all ages, from Antiquity to this day. It is rich in hydrogen, magnesium, chlorine, calcium, sodium, and sulphates. Winters are mild and warm, and summers are long and cool. This region is among the top ranking regions in Europe with average number of sunny days per year. Via Pontica passes from here: the flyway of the migratory birds flying south to Africa every year and then coming back to Europe.