Pomorie 7

Pomorie 7 is a residential building located on a quiet and peaceful street (4 Dunav Street) in the old part of the city of Pomorie, in a landscaped area, suitable for year-round living. In the immediate vicinity is the city center (pedestrian area), where numerous shops, restaurants, cafes and beer bars are concentrated. Just a few minutes from the building you can reach one of the most beautiful and visited beaches of Pomorie and the new marina. The building consists of a ground floor and three residential floors with an expanded area of 575 sq.m. and offers a total of 9 studios and apartments with an area of 21 sq.m. up to 154 sq.m. Completed on 30/06/2017. The facades are painted in pastel colors and are executed in a classic style with the characteristic friezes, ornaments and openwork wrought iron railings, which creates a feeling of coziness, warmth and a unified vision of all our buildings. In interior terms, the distribution of the rooms in the apartments has been decided with a view to achieving functionality and spaciousness, in accordance with the trends in modern design, with a wide variety in the size of the dwellings. For the construction of all buildings, high-quality materials and modern technology were used, and the projects were fully adapted to the specifics of the surrounding environment and climatic conditions. The apartments are offered fully finished and turnkey.




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