Pomorie 8

Pomorie 8 – another one of the latest projects of the company Interplan 11. Construction will begin at the end of October 2017. The building will be located on a main street in the old town, on the corner of Knyaz Boris I Street and Pazarna Street , in close proximity to a school, a public transport stop, the pedestrian zone and the promenade. The area is fully landscaped, with built infrastructure and is suitable for year-round living. A stylish and classic look, creating a feeling of coziness and warmth, at the same time with a reference to modern, contemporary exterior construction. In terms of interior, the distribution of the rooms in the apartments has been decided with a view to achieving functionality and spaciousness, in line with the trends in modern design, with a variety in the size of the dwellings. The building offers luxurious common areas, as well as different types of housing – studios, 2-room apartments with different square footage and spacious 3-room apartments, with the possibility of uniting or dividing the apartments. At the client’s request, we provide the opportunity for individual interior and design solutions . The apartments are offered in a completely finished “turnkey” form.




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